Jazz & Musical Theatre

Jazz and musical theatre classes are taken by Amanda Rodgers & Emily Bartsch.

The class content for jazz is based on general technical aspects of dance and co ordination. Students will learn basic steps and progress to more complex combinations as they move through the grades. Students are encouraged to become more creative as they develop into dancers who can move their steps at speed and with precision.

Jazz classes can be a great dance genre to do as a beginner, as it requires only one class per week.

Musical theatre is is a further development of the basic jazz technique and does require some prior skills in order to implement the choreography. You will note that this is only studied as a seperate class as students get older and are more experienced with some other dance styles.


It is expected that all tap and musical theatre students wear the razor backed uniform singlet and uniform shorts.

[ We do allow plain black wide leg bike short available from Creative Embroidery as an option. ]