Hip Hop

Hip Hop classes are taken by Bek Noller. Bek has developed her own syllabus and style based on many styles of other choreographers and her own research. As Bek’s previous background is in fitness and training work, she has incorporated this into the classes. Bek is also a remedial massage therapist with her own business. Her knowledge of the body and injuries is also helpful to her students. The Dance Crew students have a weekly pilates mat class for development of strength and conditioning.

The hip hop class at all levels will include basic warm ups, progressions and end with choreography to be remembered from week to week. This is where students attendance each week is so important, as the class will progress each week. The choreography will then progress toward the performance at the end of November concert.

The classes are fast moving and do encourage strength and fitness. The speed at which the brain needs to direct the body needs concentration and commitment. We find that music ensures that the class is enjoyable and encourages self esteem and confidence.


Unisex loose shorts OR size child 10 to adult XXL $ 44
Bike shorts size child 4 to adult XL $ 40
Razor backed lycra singlet OR size child 4 to adult XL $ 40
Razor backed Mesh singlet loose fit size adult XS to XL $ 42

As we encourage all students to feel comfortable in their uniform we have a loose fit option for shorts and shirts.